Custom Seminars

Leadership – Followership – Value Selling

  • Leadership development
  • Followership development
  • Value selling culture (sales and customer service)
  • Certified seminars for individual and interpersonal skills

Determining needs:

General buckets of learners

Executive Team Bucket List (PDF)Management Team Bucket List (PDF)Individual Contributors Bucket List (PDF)

Each bucket has different needs, but at times, such as communication skills, there are some workshops for general population attendance.  Also, there are specific breakouts from these workshops that can be customized for the bucket OTJ needs.  This requires a discovery meeting with the client to set objectives and expected outcomes prior to proposal or recommendation.


All seminars and workshops take place in an agreed upon safe learning environment.  The setting is group tables, not theater or lecture style.  The atmosphere is of cooperation and engagement.  The format is interactive content.

Partial list of Seminar Topics

  • Generations at work for general audience
  • Generations and How to Lead Them for managers
  • Social Styles at Work*
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People*
  • 4 Disciplines of Execution*
  • Emotional Intelligence Profile*
  • Inside/Out Coaching* for leaders
  • Values Driven Leadership**
  • Leadership Hats**
  • Team Member to Team Leader Transition**
  • Sales Coaching for Sales Managers**
  • Back to Basics Value Selling Skills**
  • Interpersonal Skills for Sales Pros**


*Ron is a certified instructor

**Customized with client input and OTJ examples